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Serenzo® - Parquet from Austria

The Meyer family has been producing hardwood products since 1890 when the great grandfather of  Christophe Meyer founded his first wood-processing company. The special know-how was passed on from generation to generation. More than one hundred years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology create something really special – Serenzo®.


Unlike other manufacturers that buy cheap material from China or Southeast Asia which they sell then as "quality parquet" in Europe, we produce all our Serenzo® products in our own mills. Serenzo® buys wood exclusively from sustainable forestry and was therefore granted the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) logo.


The first and one of the most important passes of processing is the drying of the wood. Serenzo® does not buy any dried wood and thus does not shift the responsibility for quality to others. We have 15 kilns in which the wood is most carefully dried until the aimed moisture content of 9 % is reached.


Serenzo® also does not use any tropical woods and thus contributes to environmental protection. On the European market there are sold many tropical woods as FSC or PEFC products which then turn out to be from grey or black markets. We refuse to take this risk of being sold such products. For further information, please, click here.


Serenzo® exports high-quality parquet in more than 35 countries and knows the trends and favourite colours. We have become known as innovative leading company and are among the biggest manufacturers in Europe in the field of solid planks.


Timeless classical styles, trendy colours, aged floors which give a unique appeal to your rooms - all this is Serenzo®. Take your choice!





Serenzo References

Ein kleiner Auszug aus tausenden Projekten, die mit Serenzo realisiert wurden:


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Golfclub Stegersbach, Austria
Hotel "Das Eisenberg", Austria

Le Mirage Golf Club, ...